Composition Of BADAC And Its Role In Drug-Clearing Operations

September 20, 2016

Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) is considered as the first line of defense against the proliferation of prohibited drugs in the community.  It is so since it’s members primarily consists of barangay officials and barangay sectoral representatives having first hand information about the members of the community.

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With the government’s unrelenting campaign against illegal drugs, they play a vital role in drug clearing operations. They are to work directly with Philippine National Police (PNP), together with Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council or MADAC.

Here is the composition of BADAC based on DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2015 – 66:

I. Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC)

A. Composition

Chairperson: Punong Barangay

Vice Chairman: Sangguniang Barangay Member – Chairman On Committee Of Peace And Order


  • Sangguniang Barangay Member – Chairman On Committee On Women And Family
  • Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman
  • School Principal (Public, or Principal of any school present in the barangay)
  • Tanod Chief / Executive Officer
  • Representative of a Non-Government Organization or from Civic Society
  • Representative of a Faith-Based Organization (i.e. Ugnayan Ng Barangay At Simbahan or UBAS, or any church-related organization)

Adviser: City/Municipal Chief Of Police or Representative

B. Powers and Function of BADAC

  1. Conduct regular meetings at least once a month and call for special meetings whenever necessary;
  2. Plan, strategize, implement and evaluate programs and projects on drug abuse prevention in the barangay;
  3. Organize the BADAC Auxiliary Team to compose an ideal number of 25 members per 2,000 population of the barangay representing streets, puroks, subdivisions, or sitios;
  4. Orient the BADAC Auxiliary Team of their roles and functions and in the formulation of plan of action to address the problem;
  5. Equip Barangay Tanods and BADAC Auxiliary Team on their roles and functions in the campaign against street-level illegal drug trade through seminars or training;
  6. Coordinate and collaborate with other institutions implementing programs and projects on drug abuse prevention at the barangay level;
  7. Continuously gather and update data on all drug related incidents and its effects on the peace and order situation in the barangay including listing of suspected drug users and pushers;
  8. Submit a monthly report to City/Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC), copy furnished to DILG City/Municipal Field Office;
  9. Refer suspected drug users to C/MADAC and other institutions for corresponding counseling and/or rehabilitation;
  10. Monitor disposition and progress of drug-related cases filed; and
  11. Perform other related functions.

II. BADAC Committees

A. Committee On Operations

A. 1. Composition

Chairman: Sangguniang Barangay Member – Chairman On Committee On Peace And Order


  • Chief Tanod / Executive Officer
  • BADAC Auxiliary Team (ideally 25 members per 2,000 barangay population)

A.2. Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Prepare and maintain a confidential list of suspected users, pushers, financiers, and/or protectors of illegal drug trade found in the LGU’s area of jurisdiction to be submitted to the City/MADAC copy furnished the PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force (AIDSOTF); annd
  2. Establish rehabilitation/referral desks and process applications for rehabilitation of drug dependents.

A.2.1. Pre-Operations

  1. Identification of drug affected house clusters, work places, streets, puroks and sitios where manufacture, delivery, sale or use of illegal drugs are being conducetd and to repoert the same immediately to the PNP or the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).
  2. Conduct administrative searches of suspected drug dens/laboratories.
  3. Conduct briefings, meetings prior to the launching of operations to ensure positive results and safety of the operating teams and the community.

A.2.2. During Operations

  1. Ensure safety of the community and regularity of the operations.
  2. Any elected barangay official present during the operations to witness the inventory of seized drugs/paraphernalia.
  3. Extend such other necessary assistance to the PDEA and PNP authorities  in its operation against illegal drugs including but not limited to the preservation of evidence and protection of witnesses and suspects against unlawful acts.

A.2.3. Post-Operations

  1. The elected barangay official present during the operations shall execute an affidavit and act as witness in court hearings in the prosecution of drug cases.
  2. Submit reports of drug-clearing operations conducted, if any, to the City/MADAC copy furnished the DILG City/Municipal Field Office.

For operations conducted/initiated by the PDEA/PNP, an elected barangay official should be involved immedidately after the raid and be present to stand as witness during the conduct of inventory.

B. Committee On Advocacy

B.1. Composition

Chairman: Sangguniang Bayan Member – Chairman on Committee On Women And Family


  • SK Chairman
  • School Principal or Representative
  • Representative of Non-Government Organization (NGOs) or Civic Society Organizations
  • Representative of Faith-Based Organization or Church-Related Organizations | i.e. Ugnayan Ng Barangay At Mga Simbahan (UBAS)

B.2. Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Coordinated and collaborate with other institutions in the barangay, if any, (i.e. Barangay Intelligence Network (BIN), Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT), and others) in implementing programs and projects on anti-illegal drug abuse;
  2. Conduct consultative meetings with organizations in the barangay, such as the Parents Teachers Community Association, Youth Groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, religious organizations, senior citizens, homeowners association, neighborhood associations, puroks, Tricycle Operators And Owners Association (TODA), and other organizations existing in the community to get their commitment to assist in curbing the drug menace in the community;
  3. Strengthen the family by promoting values, parental care and guidance that will prevent children from attempting to and/or use of prohibited drugs;
  4. Strengthen the linkages of the Barangay Officials with the community, higher LGUs local police and PDEA on anti-illegal drug campaign;
  5. Conduct necessary seminars for the community on the danges of illegal drugs in coordination with the PNP;
  6. Empower the community in reporting drug related cases through an award/commendation system; and
  7. Identify and implement sustainable livelihood projects as a reintegration program to former durg pushers and drug addicts.







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