Collaborative Meeting Addressing Different Issues Held

A meeting to discuss issues concerning schools security and food safety for children was called by the Municipality of Ibaan at Ibaan District Hall, July 14.

With the advent of food poisoning in the last couple of weeks at different parts of the county, the Municipality of Ibaan, led by Mayor Juan V. Toreja, stakeholders were convened and explored different solutions with the hope of protecting Ibaan school children from such incident. Teachers first expressed their concern with the difficulty in controlling students from buying foods outside the school. According to them, they are worried about it since this might lead to food poising which they fear the most. With discussion in progress, everyone agreed that school should concentrate more in educating and exposing the students to healthy foods.

While some suggests that food vendors outside be set meters away from school premises, this still can’t be an assurance to avoid food poisoning. Banning them from selling outside the school can’t also be considered since it would violate their economic right to earn a living.

With Coun. Paul John Chua heading the SB Committee on Education, he suggested that all school canteens be visited and inspected with the help of Municipal Health Office. All teachers agreed on this.

Meanwhile, Coun. Soc Arellano, as Chairman of SB Committee on Health, having met with Municipal Health Office days ahead of the meeting, mentioned that there will be a simultaneous municipality-wide cleanup drive will be conducted once the schedule is determined.

Another issue that was tacked was the security of public and private schools. As reported to Ibaan PNP, there been burglary incidents in the last couple of weeks. As per records, three schools have fallen prey to burglars stealing important equipments used in teaching.

To counter this, Ibaan PNP suggested that all important items be kept in any locker which will not catch the attention of would-be robbers. They also mentioned that they will increase “police visibility” and will closely coordinate with Barangay Tanod and barangay officials.

Also in attendance in the meeting were Coun. Venus De Castro, Barangay Chairmen, School Principal and Head Teachers, and PTA officers.


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