Ibaan In Partnership With UB-CBA

Dr. Jess Briones (left) discussing the details of the Memorandum of Agreement with Mayor Juan V. Toreja.

The local government of Ibaan through Mayor Juan V. Toreja has entered into a partnership with University of BatangasCollege of Business and Accountancy with the hope of acquiring support from the latter through training and seminars and other forms of project collaborations in months to come.

Confirming Ibaan - UB partnership.
Confirming Ibaan – UB partnership (July 27, 2015).

As per Memorandum of Agreement, UB-CBA will conduct “needs assessment” then come up with possible training/seminar that will satisfy identified need/s as a result of the said assessment. The subject/participants of the training may include the municipal government’s employees and personnel from its different areas of operation. The same may also be availed of by different sectors in the community as may be requested by them.

UB-CBA will then send/assign College Professors based on the identified needs who will conduct the training/seminar. Such may cover training in the areas of management, human resource management, business and personal finance, marketing and entrepreneurship, customer and personality development and other business related topics.

For its part, the local government is obliged to provide venue, training materials, food and others to the participants and lecturer/s.

The agreement forms part of CBA’s corporate social responsibility.

Dr. Jess Briones, CBA’s Associate Professor IV and Program Head from Brgy.Salaban 2, represented UB in behalf of University President Hernando Perez who is the official signatory of the Memorandum Of Agreement.


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