65 Students To Be Employed For Summer Job 2015

A total of 65 students are to start their summer job on Monday, April 27, at the Municipal Hall of Ibaan.

Pursuant to Republic Act No. 9547 or The Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES), they will be employed for twenty (20) working days starting April 27.

They will receive P296.50 per day. The Municipality  of Ibaan will shoulder 60% of the said amount  while the other 40% will come from Department Of Labor And Employment (DOLE) in the form of or through education vouchers.

The participants will be assigned or deployed among different departments/offices in the Municipal Hall and will perform duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to them by their immediate superior.

The Provincial Government of Batangas also provided their counterpart by accommodating five (5) of the total 65 student-employees. The Provincial Government will shoulder their salary, also based on 60:40 ratio with DOLE.

The following are this year’s student-employees:

Municipality Of Ibaan

  1. Acebo, Christian
  2. Austria, Marielle Fhae P.
  3. Bathan, Jeralene S.
  4. Bijasa, Myra A.
  5. Briones, Mary Rose M.
  6. Bueno, Hazel Joy T.
  7. Cacao, Mark Joseph A.
  8. Caiga, Jackielyn M.
  9. Castillo, Arren Fria F.
  10. De Castro, Aero James L.
  11. De Castro, Grace M.
  12. De Castro, Mara Danica G.
  13. Del Puso, Sharon Joy G.
  14. Esguerra, Mary Ann D.
  15. Gamboa, John Luigi M.
  16. Guerra, Angelu T.
  17. Guerra, Kristine Ann M.
  18. Guerra, Mary Grace T.
  19. Intac, Pearl Joy Y.
  20. Jumarang, April Joy A.
  21. Lascano, Arbie A.
  22. Lumanglas, Trina Mae S.
  23. Lunar, Marie Joy M.
  24. Maderazo, Emarie B.
  25. Magadia, Lanie P.
  26. Magnaye, Wilson D.
  27. Magtibay, Abegail M.
  28. Magtibay, Ariane V.
  29. Magtibay, Marvin M.
  30. Mangubat, Novelyn A.
  31. Marasigan, Ailyn B.
  32. Marcelo, Jessa A.
  33. Masakayan, Angelou A.
  34. Mendoza, Myka A.
  35. Nicolas, Val John G.
  36. Papio, June C.
  37. Pasia, Serlin C.
  38. Patalay, May M.
  39. Patulot, Jhoan B.
  40. Perez, Monica Eunica B.
  41. Perez, Rose Ann P.
  42. Perez, Ryan Vincent C.
  43. Portus, Hazel May J.
  44. Quinery, Melvin D.
  45. Ramirez, Angiely Amor M.
  46.  Raymundo, Carina A.
  47. Reña, Angelica M.
  48. Reyes, Felice Joyce
  49. Reyes, Siena D.
  50. Roxas, Eloisa Mae C.
  51. Salmorin, Charyl Jane R.
  52. Semira, Princess Joy D.
  53. Semira, Roylan A.
  54. Tejada, Aimy M.
  55. Tejada, Randolph E.
  56. Tibayan, Maristhel F.
  57. Tiemsem, Chin Chin B
  58. Untalan, Ben Jeremiah P.
  59. Untalan, Joana Belle T.
  60. Yabyabin, Mae Ellaine D.

Province Of Batangas

  1. Blay, Jaylee P.
  2. Carandang, Roxan A.
  3. Dela Cruz, Rhenee Ann R.
  4. Laconse, Neslie Ann M.
  5. Paña, Romelyn A.

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