Vehicular Accidents Top Ibaan MPS List In 2014

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In 2014, Ibaan Municipal Police Station recorded vehicular accidents as the top incident occurrence in the municipality.

From the total 96 crime incidents, 56 of which were vehicular accidents equivalent to 55%. This is being followed by violations of different special laws with 16 incidents, equivalent to 15%.

The month of January had 10 vehicular accidents, followed by the month of May and October with 8 respectively.

According to Ibaan MPS, majority of the vehicular accidents involves motorbikes in collision with four-wheeled-vehicles.  However, this doesn’t mean that motorbikes are the one at fault.

The common causes are said to be “human error” such as overspeeding and miscalculations or lapses in judgment.

Fatal vehicular accidents usually occur at STAR Tollway within the area of Municipality of Ibaan, usually involving transport bus and cars.

Last year, one fatal accident occured in Brgy. San Agustin resulting to the death of the car’s drivers and passengers.

Ibaan MPS is doing their best in keeping an updated records of vehicular accidents. Accordingly, this will help them determine the “accident prone areas” which are then to be relayed among concerned barangays.

Ibaan MPS also calls on motorists and drivers to be more careful whenever they are on the road.


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