960 Students To Graduate From Ibaan Public Elementary Schools

ibaan public elementary schools graduates data 2015 mayor danny toreja emiliana roxas district depedA total of nine hundred sixty (960) Grade VI students from different public elementary schools in Ibaan are poised to finish their elementary education on the upcoming simultaneous graduation rites on March 26 and 27, 2015.

Based on the summary report provided by Ibaan DepEd District Supervisor Ms. Emiliana Madlangbayan Roxas, Ibaan Central School, also accommodating students from nearby barangays around Poblacion, tops other schools with the highest number of graduating students at 196. The school is being followed by Tulay Elementary School with 101 students.

Others schools with most number graduating Grade VI students are Malainin Elementary School, San Agustin Elementary School and Coliat Elementary school with 94, 84, and 79 students respectively.

Meanwhile, out of 16 public elementary schools in the Municipality of Ibaan, Lucsuhin Elementary School has the least number of graduating students at 23. Mabalor Elementary School followed with 24 students.


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