636 New Voters Register With COMELEC

Acting Ibaan Election Officer Eric Eric S. Ebite (right) with Municipal I.T. Christian T. Benamer (left).
Acting Ibaan Election Officer Eric Eric S. Ebite (right) with Municipal I.T. Christian T. Benamer (left).

As of December 2014 and as approved by Election Registration Board (ERB), a total of 636 new voters has registered as per records by COMELEC Ibaan Office. New voters include those who have turned 18 and those who have not yet registered or voted in the previous years.

According to Ibaan Election Officer Eric Ebite, COMELEC also received 291 registration from voters who came from other city/municipality and are now residing in Ibaan. The basic requirement of which is that they should have stayed in the municipality for at least six (6) months immediately preceding the next election. The same is applied to 121 voters who transferred from one barangay to another within the Municipality of Ibaan.

On the other hand, 206 voters have reactivated their voter’s registration. They include voters who have been registered with COMELEC but failed to vote in the previous elections. The common case of which include those who worked abroad and has returned to Ibaan.

Meanwhile, 522 voters had their registration entries corrected. Correction on entries vary from mistake on letters of name to gender and birth date. For those who have been able to vote in previous elections, 1,088 have already validated their registration. This was done through biometrics conducted at the COMELEC’s office.

COMELEC is still encouraging voters to register at their office. As of March 10, 2015, 1,463 voters are still yet to have their biometrics.

Biometrics capturing machine.

It is to be remembered that, as per COMELEC Resolution No. 9853, in order to establish a clean, complete and updated list of voters, the latter has declared a mandatory taking  of photograph, fingerprints and signature (biometrics) in the registration process. If a voter fail to have his registration validated, the same with others, or failed to have their biometrics, they will not be allowed to vote on the next national and local election on May 9, 2016.

The continuation of registration has resumed back in May 6, 2014, and it will end on October 31, 2015.

In the previous months, COMELEC Ibaan has been conducting satellite registration where they visit barangays in the municipality to accommodate those who failed to or can’t find time to go to their office. They have completed their satellite registration with all barangays. And this coming March 14, 2015, they will again resume their satellite registration and will visit barangays the second time for the same purpose. The first of which will be at Brgy. Sto. Nino on the said date, to be followed at Brgy. San Agustin on March 21, 2015. Further announcement will be made for their next barangay satellite registration.

Ibaan COMELEC personnel.

For further inquiries, everyone is welcome to approach COMELEC personnel Election Assistant Petronila, Admin Aide Glecy C. Alcantara, Municipal I.T. Christian T. Benamer, and Municipal Casual Generose M. Ilagan

Note: The Election Registration Board includes the Municipal Civil Registrar, District Supervisor and the Local Election Officer who is also the Chairman of the ERB. Approval of voters registration. Basically, if no contest was received by COMELEC against any voter who has registered, the latter’s registration will be approved by/during ERB’s quarterly meeting. Related links on COMELEC registration:


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