IMAO Starts Preps For 1st Farmers Day Celebration

Some of progressive-minded farmers of Ibaan.
Some of progressive-minded farmers of Ibaan.

The office of Ibaan Municipal Agriculture is currently gearing things up as they prepare for Ibaan 1st Farmers Day Celebration. Slated to be held on May 8, 2015, IMA Officer Ethel Joy Caiga – Salazar has made initial drafts of activities intended for the said celebration. Through the initiative of IMAO, the Celebration will be the Municipality of Ibaan’s way of acknowledging the essential position and contributions made by farmers in the socio-economic developments of the community. By virtue of a Municipal Ordinance entitled “Farmers Day Celebration”, it will be celebrated every second Friday of the month of May. Tentatively, the event shall include a Thanksgiving mass, parade, followed by an Agri-Fair and a program to recognize outstanding farmers and farming practices. The following are the basic guidelines for the event’s different activities: Parade

  1. The parade shall be participated by farmers and farmers organization coming from 26 barangays of Municipality of Ibaan.
  2. Attires will be identified by Organizing Committee as per agreed upon by representatives of participating farmers/farmers organizations.
  3. The parade will start from patio of Saint James The Greater Parish to Palindan Rotonda, then to Poblacion Rotonda and will end at Recto gymnasium.


  1. For a chance to showcase the products of our farmers, a potion of the venue will be designated for agri-fair.
  2. The preparation for display will be done before the day of the event.
  3. Each exhibitor will shoulder their own expenses for booth and display.
  4. Ceremonial opening will start after the parade, before serving breakfast.


  1. Opening of the program will start after everyone has settled on their seats.
  2. An audio-visual presentations will be played while waiting for the program to start.
  3. Part of the program will include: inspirational messages, farmers testimonials (AVP), message from resource speakers, recognition of Best Farming Practices, open forum and raffle prizes.

The above-mentioned schedule and activities may change depending on the succeeding circumstances. Concerned parties will be notified for any changes. Related article: IMAO, Progressively Working For Ibaan Farmers


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