Ibaan Inter-Commercial Basketball League 2015 Kicks Off

Mayor Danny Toreja with the league's Best Muse from Lembest Lechon.
Mayor Danny Toreja with the league’s Best Muse from Lembest Lechon.

Ibaan just started summer early with the opening of Inter-Commercial Basketball League 2015 at Medrano Plaza, February 28.

This year’s basketball league is making new waves for the sport’s aficionados. Compared to previous year’s league where local basketball players on the lead in either youth or inter-barangay categories, Ibaan Municipal Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council just made it more exciting and thrilling to watch.

For sure everyone can remember “Cuvero pass to Cuvero. And Cuvero made the basket!”. Yes, those were the days. And this year’s basketball league is being brought closer to those days as IMPFSD allowed “import” to beef up with our own local basketball players. Not enough with one import, the teams that will make it to semi-finals and finals will be allowed to add one more import to their roster. Thus, putting more spine spinners for the league.

And the thrill and excitement just exploded last Sunday with posterizing moves and dunks from some of early favorite imports.

The league has attracted eight (8) teams that will go head-on collision until the two last standing teams face off at the finals.

Here’s how things will be and the how this year’s Inter-Commercial Basketball League will be regulated as formulated by IMPFSD led by its President Mr. Noriel Aguila.



     This is an Inter-Commercial Basketball League which will commence on Feb.28,2015 at BR Medrano Memorial Plaza.

Ibaan Sports President Noriel Aguila.
Ibaan Municipal Physical Fitness and Sports Development President Noriel Aguila.


A. Age limit – No age limit

B. A player representing a commercial/office will be allowed to play if he complies any of the following conditions:

  1. He must be born in Ibaan, Batangas.
  2. Either his parents must be born or continuously residing in Ibaaan Batangas.
  3. His spouse must be born or continuously residing in Ibaan.
  4. He must be a registered voter of Ibaan.
  5. Players who have played in the previous basketball league run by the sports council is automatically qualified to play in this league.
  6. Only one import player is allowed in the the whole tournament. 2 imports will be allowed on semifinals and finals. Import player is replaceable until the elimination round only.
  7. Import player will be coming outside Ibaan(Not limited to amateur players)
  8. Employees of the team represented must submit his ID with complete SSS no./etc.
  9. Only regular employees of the team represented will be allowed to play.

C. Deadline for submission of the team line up is on Feb .20,2015.(2.00 pm)

D. Copy/Photo copy of birth certificate, marriage certificate of player (if married), marriage certificate of parents, voters ID/affidavit and other documents to prove players eligibility to play shall be also submitted to and validated by the screening    Committee.

E. A contested player regarding eligibility will have to submit to the Screening Committee original documents as maybe required when deemed necessary. Failure to submit required documents will not allow him to participate.

F. No protest shall be entertained in so far as eligibility is concerned after the tournament have started except when strong evidence is presented to the Technical Committee to support the alleged accusation.

G. Any protest on eligibility of the player must be submitted in writing, signed by the Barangay Chairman, with the supporting documents to the Screening Committee, In the event that the player is not found ineligible, all games played with ineligible player/s will be forfeited in favor of the opposing team.

ibaan inter commercial basketball league 2015  mayor danny toreja ibaan batangas muse


  • Five thousand pesos is the amount of entrance fee.
  • One thousand pesos is bond fee which is refundable after the tournament if the team comply with the tournament guidelines.
  • Any team who will be considered default will automatically lose their bond.
  • Any team or players who violate Sec E-1 to 6 will automatically lose their bond .
  • After a team has lost his bond they must refill the said amount before they will be allowed to   play again.
One of Ibaan trained gymnasts performing during the event.
One of Ibaan trained gymnasts performing during the event.



  1. The participating teams is composed of eight teams.
  2. Only the head coach listed in the official line up will be allowed to coach the team. In the absence of the head coach, the assistant coach can coach the team.
  3. A team will be composed of maximum of 16 players, including the import.
  4. Fifteen (15) persons aside from the player will be allowed inside the playing court including all the staff,managers ,coaches,etc.. Official team members will be provided with an ID.
  5. Fifteen (15) players on elimination and (16) on semis /finals will be allowed to play every game.


  1. Players not in a proper uniform shall not be allowed to play. Player shall wear his own                             uniform.
  2. All players must tuck-in their shirts during the game.
  3. Import player can use any number in his uniform as long as there is no duplicate number.


  1. Teams shall play a  Single Round Robin for the elimination.
  2. Top two (4) teams in each bracket enter the semi-finals.
  • No 1 vs. No.4
  • No.2 vs. No 3


3. Top two (2) teams in the semi-finals will play the championship games. Best of three (3) games will be played.

4. Rank 3 of 4 teams will play knock out game for third place.


  1. In case of a tie between two (2) teams, the winner over the rule shall apply.
  2. In case of three (3) or more ties, the quotient system shall apply. Only the game                               among themselves shall be considered
Vice Mayor Sixto Yabyabin.
Vice Mayor Sixto Yabyabin.


  1. Any player under the influence of liquor or drugs will not be allowed to play.
  2. Any player who is thrown out by the referee for unsportsmanlike conduct and with intention to hurt other players or officials shall be suspended for the succeeding game without prejudice of having penalties as the organizer may deemed decide.
  3. Any player who leaves the bench, enters the court and participate a fight, shall be suspended for next two (2) games without prejudice of having penalties as the organizer may deemed decide. A repetition of the same offense shall bar him from further participation for the rest of the tournament.
  4. All games shall be played as scheduled. Fifteen (15) minutes grace period shall be given to any team on scheduled time before declaring lost by default.
  5. Any team who walks out or refuses to continue playing after fifteen (15) minutes grace period to resume the game shall be declared loser by forfeit and cannot play anymore for the whole duration of the tournament.
  6. Team officials exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct shall be sanctioned accordingly.
  7. Protest on the technicalities of the game.
  8. The team captain shall inform the Referee that the game is under protest after which the
  9. Referee shall inform the table officials of the protest. The team captain must indicate the score sheet that the game is “UNDER PROTEST” and affix his signature.
  10. An official protest letter duly signed by the coach and noted by the Manager to the Technical
  11. Committee  within twenty four (24) hours after the game.
Ibaan swordsmen.
Ibaan swordsmen.


Thirty (30) minutes after a force majeure has occurred, the following rules will be applied:

  1. If it occurred during the first half of the game, the game will be played from the start. The game will be rescheduled.
  2. If it occurred during the third period on wards, all scores, fouls, team fouls, the remaining time, time outs will be carried over when the game is rescheduled and only the team members present in the particular game will be allowed to play.
  3. If it occurred during the last two minutes of the game, the team with twenty (20) points lead will automatically with the game.


            Any technical matter not mentioned in the Technical Rules and Guidelines shall be decided by the Technical Committee and other matters by force majeure shall be decided in consultation with the proper authorities.


            The organizers of the league/tournament have no obligation and other any responsibility in case of any accident may occur on the player.


J. Local players who will not be present during the opening can’t play on the first game.

The following are the teams and their official players taking part at the said basketball league:

Palawan Express / MSC / Twolipps Flower Shop
Palawan Express / MSC / Twolipps Flower Shop


  • Byron James Acosta
  • Ryan James Dollesin
  • Lord Jayson Acosta
  • Ray Harmond Pastor
  • Dan August Caringal
  • Allan De Castro
  • Andrew Alamario
  • Christ Narben Castillo
  • Marco Endaya
  • Paolo Dapito
  • Alvin Minas
  • Vincent Liwag
  • Eric Bagon
  • Jimmy Brown – Import
  • Dakz Serrano – Head Coach
  • Hexel Macatangay – Assistant Coach


  • Manny Claveria
  • Allan Caringal
  • Palawan Express
CDL Hardware
CDL Hardware


  • Edward Tubera
  • Kleirence Perez
  • Rannie Perez
  • Jinky Perez
  • Ric Ric Perez
  • Ronald Perez
  • Marvin Pasia
  • Clinton Montalbo
  • Gilet Garcia
  • Loel Maranan
  • Vladimer Dimaano
  • Antonio Guerra
  • Gabriel Balbuena
  • Jerome Rivero
  • Arnold Perez – Head Coach
  • Apple Delgado – Assistant Coach
Lembest Lechon
Lembest Lechon


  • Alvin Rosima
  • Romeo Millona
  • Carlo Caringal
  • Alvin Montalbo
  • Angelito Aleta
  • Arvin Reyes
  • Marvin Benedicto
  • Paul De Castro
  • Kevin Cancho
  • JP Magbitang
  • Ferdinand Bathan
  • Roilan Bagon Sr.
  • James Ilagan
  • Carlo Endaya
  • Balen – Import
  • Julius Panaligan – Head Coach
  • Raineld Geron – Assistant Coach


  • Lembert Caringal


  • Jay Abanes
  • Eric Aguilera
  • Radel Roallos
  • Raymond Roallos
  • Mario Adrian Buhat
  • Carlo Carson
  • Peter Carson
  • Roldan Guerra
  • Francis Macatangay
  • Jocel Petallano
  • Allan Pera
  • Michael Alvarez 
  • H. Magnaye
  • Ramil Roallos – Head Coach
  • Ronnie Buhat – Assistant Coach


  • Ambo Monte
  • Roger Baldon
  • June Ramirez
  • Jomarie De Leon
  • Vio Magtaas
  • Jimboy Cacao
  • Dondon Portugal
  • Jiether Macatangay
  • Ian James Mapalad
  • Dagul Anonuevo
  • Almer Torino
  • Richard Zaraspe
  • Janno Guico
  • Jan Em Guico
  • Gilbert Malabanan – Import
Villa Gracia Private Resort
Villa Gracia Private Resort


  • Eric Fortus
  • John Alvin Fortus
  • Gerald Eleosida
  • Franco Eleosida
  • Cairo Eleosida
  • Israel Eleosida
  • Arjay Rivera
  • Christopher Perez
  • Manolo Barte
  • Aries De Luna
  • Rey Castillo
  • Rio De Torres
  • Peterson Guerra
  • Nabalta – Import


  • Ronald Bagsit
  • Freddie Coliat
  • Noel Coliat
  • Joel Claveria
  • Adrian Davalos
  • Rich Boy Factoran
  • Jeffrey Festijo
  • Lito Gonzales
  • Chito Hernandez
  • Roldan Ramos
  • John Yalong
  • Jonjon Magnaye
  • Patrick Maralit
  • Angelo Ilagan
  • Joseph Vertucio – Head Coach
Erykj Farm
Erykj Farm


  • Ryan Rosal
  • Jerico Godez
  • Marvin Torrano
  • Jayrold Soria
  • JC Flordeliza
  • Derick Del Mundo
  • Erick Paguiligan
  • Allen Mercado
  • Jaypee Ilagan
  • Johnson Carandang
  • Nathaniel Balanay
  • Mark Bonnin Yabyabin
  • Arjohn Cortez
  • Jonathan Caraet

Ibaan gymnastic and teakwondo team performed an exhibition performance during the event.


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