Decrease On Total Births, Says Health Office

Vital Statistics
Vital Statistics

In a 3-year accomplishment report compiled by Ibaan Municipal Health Office, there has been a decrease on the total number of births from 2012 to 2014.

Headed by Dra. Agnes Chua, IMHO registered an average of 7.9% decrease on the number of child born in the Municipality of Ibaan in the last three years.

Considerably, based on the table above, there were only 890 births in 2013 compared to previous year’s 1,030, or a difference of 140 births equivalent to 13.6%. This was further decreased in 2014 with only 871 births.

The above information may be attributed to a decrease on the number of registered license marriage as per Ibaan Municipal Civil Registrar’s records.

On the contrary, the total deaths went on a see-saw attitude with differing changes each year. From 2012 to 2013, incidents of deaths increased to 277, then went down to 249 in 2014.

(Note: The information mentioned were based on the data as per recorded by Health Office.)


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