Les KuHLiemBo 2015 Traffic Advisory

Les KuHLiemBo Festival 2015 traffic advisory.
Les KuHLiemBo Festival 2015 traffic advisory.

This year’s Les KuHLiemBo will feature Street Dance Parade to be participated by all barangays in the Municipality of Ibaan. Each barangay will have their delegates who will dance their way to the main road of the municipality. The streets will also be installed with grilling stands to be provided by each barangay.

Thus, everyone is advised that the Poblacion, Ibaan, Batangas Section of Batangas – Quezon National Road will be closed to traffic on February 11, 2015, Wednesday. All LONG / WIDE / HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRUCKS AND VEHICLES will be barred from entering the said road section from 7:00am to 12:00nn.

Light vehicles on the other hand will be allowed to take a detour at the internal roads of  Poblacion, Ibaan, Batangas.

The Municipality of Ibaan understands that this will cause delay and discomfort to our commuters. The organizers of Les KuHLiemBo Festival 2015 are then asking for everyone’s understanding and cooperation for this once-in-a-year event to showcase Ibaan’s own festival just like any other cities and municipalities in the Province of Batangas.


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