Ibaan 183rd Foundation Celebration Activities

Republic Of The Philippines

Province Of Batangas

Municipality Of Ibaan




Ibaan 183rd Foundation Celebration

Les KuhLiemBo Festival

February 11, 2015



In recognition of our local products –Tamales, Kulambo, Liempo and Tubo (sugarcane) and their contribution to local economy,  by virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 2014-02, the Les KuHLiemBo Festival is hereby declared as the Official Festival of the Municipality Of Ibaan as main part of its Foundation Day being celebrated every 11th day of February.

After its soft opening in 2014, Les KuHLiemBo Festival will again be featured at broader scope on this year’s Ibaan 183rd Foundation Day. The celebration will primarily feature STREET DANCE PARADE to be participated by all 26 barangays of the Municipality.

mapofibaan 1


The following will also be conducted in lieu of Les KuHLiemBo Festival 2015:

  1. Mass
  2. Job Fair
  3. Photo Exhibit
  4. Street Dance Parade
  5. Liempo Grilling
  6. Palaro Ng Lahi
  7. Bistro Night
  • Schedule Of Activities
Time Activity Venue
7:00am – 8:00am Thanksgiving Mass Saint James The Greater Parish
8:00am – 12:00nn Street Dance Parade


Liempo Grilling

From church patio downtown Ibaan routes
12:00nn – 1:00pm Boodle Fight Lunch Along J.P. Rizal Avenue
1:00pm – 5:00pm Palaro Ng Lahi Recto Gym
5:00pm – 7:00pm Break / Preparations
7:00pm – 12MN Bistro Night People’s Park

Mechanics And Guidelines

The following shall be the mechanics and guidelines for different activities.

Street Dance Parade

  1. The Street Dance Parade shall be participated by all 26 barangays in the Municipality of Ibaan.
  2. The concept, costume, props and steps of the street dance shall reflect the ideas of Les KuHLiemBo Festival which is the celebration and recognition of the municipality’s local products.
  3. The street dance shall be continuous throughout the parade from Saint James The Greater Parish to, or will take the main road along J. P. Rizal Avenue.
  4. The main venue of the Street Dance will basically be at the front of Santiago Street where a stage will be set up.
  5. There will one common beat/music that will be used during the parade. The music shall be performed and rendered LIVE. Copy of which will be distributed to all participating barangays.
  6. The street dance is not a contest. However, special awards shall be given.

Parade Sequence

  1. Police Mobile
  2. Municipal Officials
  3. Municipal Employees
  4. PERLAS TRIBE 1 (Drum Beaters)
  5. Brgy. Poblacion
  6. Brgy. Salaban II
  7. Brgy. Panghayaan
  8. Brgy. Bago
  9. Brgy. Bungahan
  10. Brgy. Calamias
  11. Brgy. Mabalor
  12. Brgy. Dayapan
  13. Brgy. Pangao
  14. Brgy. San Agustin
  15. Brgy. Sto. Nino
  16. Brgy. Quilo
  17. Brgy. Salaban I
  18. PERLAS TRIBE 2 (Drum Beaters)
  19. Brgy. Sabang
  20. Brgy. Lapu-lapu
  21. Brgy. Munting Tubig
  22. Brgy. Talaibon
  23. Brgy. Palindan
  24. Brgy. Sandalan
  25. Brgy. Catandala
  26. Brgy. Balanga
  27. Brgy. Tulay
  28. Brgy. Matala
  29. Brgy. Malainin
  30. Brgy. Coliat
  31. Brgy. Lucsuhin

Street Liempo Grilling

  1. The Street Liempo Grilling shall be participated by all 26 barangays.
  2. The drawing of lots shall be done in order to determine the sequence of participants during the Dance Parade.
  3. Each barangay is expected to bring their own grilling equipment on the afternoon of February 10, 2015 for inventory purposes.
  4. The grilling equipment shall be coordinated with Committee Chairman Mr. Roderick Altamirano.
  5. The grilling equipments are to be placed at the right side of J. P. Rizal Avenue, along Medrano Plaza, from Santiago Street to the point where all grilling equipments are placed.
  6. For official opening of Street Liempo Grilling, all grilling stand shall be set up and lined up side by side. One end of the line shall be lit with the fire continuously running from one grilling stand to another.
  7. As per agreement, the barangays shall provide the 10-kilo liempo meat for grilling which will form part the boodle fight lunch after the Street Dance Parade.
  8. The boodle fight lunch shall be at the left side of J. P. Rizal Avenue, adjacent Saint James The Greater Parish, where tents are set up by each barangay.
  9. The tents shall be setup


  1. There shall be drawing of lots in order to determine the specific place/area where each barangay will set their tent/s. Such shall be coordinated with Engr. Lalen Salagubang.
  2. Each barangay will submit styro box until February 10 to General Service Office through Jahmil Asebo. The styro box shall serve as container for cooked rice for each barangay which is to be provided by Mayor Danny Toreja. The styro box shall be claimed by each barangay on February 11 from 9:00am onwards at the same office. The said cooked rice shall also form part of Street Boodle Fight Lunch.

Photo Exhibit

  1. The photo exhibit shall consist of old Ibaan photos.
  2. The exhibit shall be placed in display at the Municipal Hall Canopy.
  3. The exhibit will run for one week until February 11 – 20, 2015.

Palaro Ng Lahi

Ang sumusunod ay ang mga laro na gagawin para sa Palaro Ng Lahi.

  1. Tamales Eating Challenge
  2. Tara Na Magkulambo!
  3. Mariang Naka-Habi Went To Market
  4. balatan Na Ang Tubo Gamit Ang Ipin
  5. Sack Race.
  6. Tirador
  7. Bunumbraso Para Sa Babae
  8. Bunumbraso Para Sa Lalaki
  9. Limbo Rock Para Sa Babae
  10. Limbo Rock Para Sa Lalaki
  11. Pasiyutan Para Sa Babae (3-point shooting)
  12. Pasiyutan Para Sa Lalake (free throw shooting)
  13. Tug Of War
  14. Hulihan Ng Biik

Teams For Palaro Ng Lahi

  1. White Team – ABC / Barangay Treasurer / Barangay Secretaries
  2. Yellow Team – ERPAT / Kababaihan
  3. Brown Team – Market Vendors
  4. Blue Team – PNP / Day Care Workers
  5. Black Team – BFP / BNS / BHW / Kabalikat / OFW
  6. Violet Team – LGU
  7. Pink Team – DepEd
  8. Orange Team – MCDC (Cooperatives)

Bistro Night

  1. Bistro Night shall be open to all residents of Municipality of Ibaan.
  2. Bistro Night will consist of music and entertainment at the night of February 11.
  3. Tickets for the event will be in the amount of P1,000.00 will be available at the reception area and to be handled by Ms. Nenette Rena.
  4. Tickets will entile the holder one (1) case of San Mig Light Beer and a choice of pulutan like Liempo with 1/2 chicken or sisig. They can be redeemed at the designated booth, also within the Bistro venue area.
  5. Tables and chairs will be set up at the designated venue of the event.
  6. Program duration is expected to be until 12:00mn or earlier.



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