Ibaan Municipal Peace And Order Council Minutes Of Meeting 2nd Quarter 2014

Republic  of  the  Philippines

Province  of  Batangas






Hon. Juan V. Toreja                 – Municipal Mayor, MPOC Chairman

Hon. Sixto I. Yabyabin             – Vice Mayor, MPOC Vice Chairman

PSI Ramises L. de Castro         – Ibaan COP, MPOC Member

Ms. Lorna M. Silva                  – MLGOO, MPOC Head Secretariat

Ms. Ethel Joy C. Salazar          – Mun. Agriculturist, MPOC Member

Ms. Irene R. Torres                 – MSWDO, MPOC Member

Engr. Lalen C. Salagubang      – Mun. Engineer, MPOC Member

Dr. Maria Juliana Cayetano    – MHO Substitute, MPOC Member

Judge Armando A. Rayos        – MTC Presiding Judge, MPOC Member

Mr. Federico Caringal                        – Mun. Administrator, MDRRMC Member

FO3 Domingo Rubis                – Mun. Fire Marshall, MPOC Member

Mr. Zosimo  Malata                – Ibaan ERPAT Asso., Inc. President

Mr. Romeo de Torres             – Ibaan Market Vendors and Community MPC Pres.

Hon. Socrates Arellano           – SB Member

Hon. Antonio C. Benitez          – SB Member

Hon. Jose B. Bicol                    – LMB President

Mr. Federico Caringal                        – Mun. Administrator

20 Punong Barangays

1 Barangay Kagawad

1 Brgy. Treasurer

1 Brgy. Secretary


Hon. Venus M. de Castro        – SB Member, Chairman of Peace and Order Committee

Ms. Eloisa R. Samson              – DepEd District Supervisor

Kabalikat Civicom Representative

Phil. Air Force Representative

Highlights of the Meeting:

  1. Juan V. Toreja, Municipal Mayor and MPOC Chairman, during his message, reiterated the different activities that were conducted such as Barangay Fiestas, Sports Leagues and other summer activities. He said that the focus now is the preparation for the rainy season wherein barangays were directed to clean the canals. Mayor Toreja also mentioned cases in different municipalities that are considered as hot spots. He believes that the key for Ibaan being peaceful is the constant coordination to discuss emerging problems.
  1. MLGOO Lorna Silva read the minutes of the previous meeting. With the motion of Judge Armando Rayos which was duly seconded by Hon Socrates Arellano, SB Member, the minutes of the previous meeting was approved.
  1. The vehicular accident at Barangay Sandalan was discussed. Judge Armando Rayos said that both Barangay Balanga and Brgy. Sandalan will issue Certificate to file Action. PNP was also reminded to check first for compliance to barangay settlements before filing cases directly in court.
  1. Through the motion of Hon. Jose B. Bicol, LMB President which was duly seconded by Hon. Sixto Yabyabin, Vice Mayor and MPOC Vice Chairman, a one-day seminar on Katarungang Pambarangay will be scheduled soonest possible time depending on the availability of Judge Armando Rayos being one of the speakers. This seminar will be attended by Punong Barangay, Barangay Secretary, 2 Lupon Tagapamayapa Members, Barangay Tanod Chief and VAW Desk Officer from the 26 barangays.
  1. Cases of rumble/fights among students of Dr. Juan A. Pastor Memorial National High School was also discussed. It was agreed upon that PNP will call the students involved and their parents to a meeting and this will also be attended by MSWDO, the Principal and PTA officers for proper counseling of concerned students. There was also a suggestion to direct all students to use the school’s main gate in going home. Hon. Marsevic Mendoza, Punong Barangay of Brgy. Talaibon suggested that students should use the side walk in going to school and in going back home and jeepney drivers should use the right parking areas. At 4:00 p.m., only the jeep that is about to travel should be at the street side and the rest should be parked at the designated parking area. PNP will meet the TODA to discuss the matter.
  1. Implementation of no parking and loading/no loading zones was also discussed. PNP will strictly implement the ordinance. The passage of trucks with heavy loads at the alternate route at Brgy. Palindan will be regulated and monitored.
  1. Romeo de Torres reminded the public address being used at the public market. He said that there is a need to change the amplifier. Engr. Nelson Guerra, GSO, pledged that amplifier will be available by the third week of June.
  1. Upon request of Mr. de Torres, PNP personnel and Barangay Tanods will continue man the public market especially during market day to minimize cases of thefts. Mayor Toreja mentioned the hardship of PNP in apprehending thieves but no case prosper in He asked the cooperation of business establishment owners regarding this matter. The roofing of a portion of the public market was also discussed.
  1. Preparation for the rainy seasons – – conduct of misting; barangays are directed to clean the canals and surroundings and report to the Municipal Administrator if the barangay is already prepared for the misting. Amado de Castro, Punong Barangay of Brgy. Balanga reported that they have already cleaned their barangay and now ready for misting.
  1. Ethel Salazar, Mun. Agriculturist, announced that there will a Briefing of Coconut Raisers on June 20, 2014 at 8:00 am regarding the use of chemicals to avoid coconut scale insects. There is no reported cases of coconut scale insects in Ibaan but there are already reported cases in nearby city/municipality (Lipa City and Rosario), thus the municipality needs to take the necessary precautions.
  1. PSI Ramises L. de Castro, COP, reported the comparative crime statistics for Jan-May of 2013 and 2014. For 2013, the total crime volume is 21 with 9 index crime and 12 non-index crimes. For 2014, there are only 6 total crime volume with both 3 cases for index and non-index crimes. There is 100% crime solution efficiency for 2014. He also reported that there are 5 wanted persons arrested.  PSI de Castro also reminded the Punong Barangays to submit to the DILG the output of the Drug Awareness Seminar which was conducted last May 29-30, 2014. He also said the Batangas Province will issue stickers for registered owners of motorcycle. He reiterated that Oplan Checkmate will be done 24 hours.
  1. Antonio Benitez, SB Member, mentioned the impounding area for vehicles involved in accidents. He suggested to look for another area. It was discussed that the vehicles involved in STARTOLL accidents  shall be impounded at Malvar Impounding Areas at P100/day.
  1. Other municipal projects were also discussed – – Ugnayan sa Barangay, Cash for Work, Supplemental Feeding. Announcements followed which include the visit of Gov. Vilma Santos Recto at Ibaan Market Vendors MPC on June 11, 2014. Barangays were also reminded to submit their top three priority projects for integration in the AIP of the municipality for 2015.

There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m. through the motion of Hon. Socrates Arellano which was duly seconded by Hon. Antonio Pateña, Punong Barangay of Coliat, Ibaan, Bats.

I certify as to the correctness of the foregoing minutes.


MLGOO/ MPOC Head Secretariat



Municipal Mayor/MPOC Chairman

















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