Ibaan Municipal Peace And Order Council Minutes Of Meeting 1st Quarter 2014

Republic  of  the  Philippines

Province  of  Batangas






Hon. Juan V. Toreja                 – Municipal Mayor, MPOC Chairman

Hon. Sixto I. Yabyabin             – Vice Mayor, MPOC Vice Chairman

Hon. Venus M. de Castro        – SB Member, Chairman of Peace and Order Committee

SPO2 Luis A. Asebo                 – Ibaan COP rep., MPOC Member

PO3 Lloyd A. Maralit              – Ibaan MPS rep., MPOC Member

PO2 Maria Kristal Valencia    – Ibaan MPS rep., MPOC Member

Ms. Lorna M. Silva                  – MLGOO, MPOC Head Secretariat

Ms. Ethel Joy C. Salazar          – Mun. Agriculturist, MPOC Member

Ms. Irene R. Torres                 – MSWDO, MPOC Member

Engr. Lalen C. Salagubang      – Mun. Engineer, MPOC Member

Dr. Maria Juliana Cayetano    – MHO Substitute, MPOC Member

2LT Raymundo Lozada Jr.       – PAF Representative, MPOC Member

SGT. Jeffrey Ramos                 – PAF Representative, MPOC Member

A2C Ever Leonardo                 – PAF Representative, MPOC Member

Ms. Digna R. Cortez                – LCW Representative, MPOC Member

Judge Armando A. Rayos        – MTC Presiding Judge, MPOC Member

Mr. Mario Andal                     – DepEd Representative, MPOC Member

Mr. Raditho  Reyes                 – Kabalikat Civicom Representative, MPOC Member

Hon. Paul John G. Chua           – SB Member, MDRRMC Member

Hon. Juvy Mendoza                 – SB Member, MDRRMC Member

Hon. Antonio Benitez              – SB Member, MDRRMC Member

Mr. Leonilo C. Salazar                        – Designated MDRRMO

Engr. Mario Samson               – MPDC, MDRRMC Member

Mr. Federico Caringal                        – Mun. Administrator, MDRRMC Member

Ms. Helen T. Alcover              – Mun. Accountant, MDRRMC Member

Ms. Petronila Rena                 – Mun. Accounting Staff, MDRRMC Member

FO3 Domingo Rubis                – Mun. Fire Marshall, MDRRMC Member

19 Punong Barangays

1 Barangay Kagawad

1 Brgy. Treasurer


ERPAT Representative                        – MPOC Member

Ibaan Market Vendors MPC   – MPOC Member

Highlights of the Meeting:

  1. Juan V. Toreja, Municipal Mayor and MPOC Chairman, during his message, said that it is the first meeting of the council for the year and this is the time to plan all the activities of the MPOC for the whole year. He mentioned the accomplishments of the municipality regarding illegal drugs wherein 27 persons were apprehended. He also reiterated that the focus for this year will include preventive measures (health), supplemental feeding (MSWDO) and the possible pests that may affect the agricultural produce of the municipality . He requested the support of everyone present in the formulation of plans to prevent and solve possible problems that the municipality may encounter.
  1. MLGOO Lorna Silva read the minutes of the previous meeting. With the motion of Ms. Irene Torres, MSWDO which was duly seconded by Hon Venus de Castro, SB Member, the minutes of the previous meeting was approved.
  1. SPO2 Luis Asebo proceeded with the presentation of the peace and order situation of the municipality. He presented the comparative crime indices for the period Jan to February for years 2013 and 2014. Crime solution efficiency for Jan to Feb of 2014 was 100%. He also reported the accomplishments of PNP MPS which includes bank visitation, continuous Operation Bakal, regular check points, dialogue with punong barangays, and police visibility at J. Pastor and at the public market.

He also mentioned that per directives to them, fuel stations in the municipality are being monitored every day and every night. There was also a request for additional gasoline allocation for Ibaan MPS. He also mentioned that there is insufficient patrol vehicle and need for more communication equipment so that each police officer will have one each.

He also reported that Ibaan is generally peaceful with only one case. He suggested that people in the barangays should be vigilant and report to the police immediately if there are suspicious persons in the area.

Mayor Toreja directed the Punong Barangays to identify the transients or “dayo” in the barangay.  If securing of barangay clearance is not possible, at least have a masterlist of transients with some personal information about them. Hon. Venus de Castro mentioned that the purpose of the “transient ordinance” of the Sangguniang Bayan is for the safety of the residents. Barangays should ask the transients to fill up the personnel history statement to serve as database of the barangay.

  1. 2LT Raymundo Lozada Jr. of the PAF reported that as of 4th Qtr of 2013 to present, there are no reported sightings of insurgents/local terrorists in the area. He also mentioned that March 29 is the anniversary of the NPA so measures should be undertaken to prevent possible cases of “agaw-armas” in large establishments with many security guards.

Hon. Venus de Castro pointed out that the more peaceful the area, the more terrifying it is. Leftist groups usually organize in peaceful communities. If there are sightings, at least they can be monitored . He also asked the PAF on what activities are they doing to ensure that there will be no cases of extortions. 2LT Lozada said that they are closely monitoring their AOR and requested barangay officials and residents to immediately report cases of extortions especially on road constructions.

  1. Next on the agenda was the reorganization of PLEB and Mun. Anti-Drug Abuse Council of Ibaan wherein the Municipal Mayor announced that these groups will be re-organized later.
  1. Discussion on the possible pests that may affect the municipality followed. And these include “daga sa palayan” and PED for hogs. Ms. Ethel Joy Salazar, Mun. Agriculturist reported that there is no PED outbreak in Ibaan and requested to report to their office any case of piglets dying in order to protect nearby barangays. She also reported their activities regarding rabies awareness month and the regular activities of their office such as vaccination for cattle, carabao and dogs and reminded everyone to be ready for possible epidemics come rainy seasons.
  1. FO3 Domingo Rubis, Mun. Fire Marshall, announced the schedule of Fire Drill on March 13, 2014 to be attended by all Punong Barangays, Barangay Tanod Chiefs and members of Kabalikat. He also presented statistics on occurrence of fire which increased from 2012 to 2013. Throughout the Phils., there were 8000 reported fire incidence in 2012 while the fire incidence in 2013 was 13000. He also gave tips to prevent fire incidence, one of which is the regular inspection of electricians of the electrical wirings at home. Hon. Juvy Mendoza commented that the fire drill conducted during the Ugnayan sa Barangay has really helped her when an incidence of fire occurred in their house.
  1. Maria Juliana Cayetano, MHO Substitute, reported the different activities of their office which include measles vaccination in all barangays, Philhealth MDR distribution and misting to be scheduled in all barangays. Mun. Administrator suggested to the Punong Barangays the procurement of barangay’s own misting machine chargeable against LDRRM Fund or barangay funds. There was also a suggestion to plant lemon grass in the school compound, lemon grass believed to be an insect repellant.
  1. Presentation of AO 2014-01 reorganizing the Mun. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and introduction of the designated MDRRMO, Mr. Leonilo Salazar followed. It was agreed upon that all members of MDRRMC will be provided with copy of the said AO.
  1. Mario Andal, DepEd representative, requested the assistance of the municipal and barangay governments in the upcoming Brigada Eskwela in June. He also announced the schedule of NAT (National Achievement Test) on March 6 and March 13 for elementary and high school.
  1. Mario Samson requested the Liga ng mga Barangay to file formal complaints against colorums.
  1. SPO2 Asebo announced that there were 300 cases in Ibaan of unrenewed licenses for guns/ammunitions. He requested the Punong Barangays to help in informing the residents to renew the license of their guns and requested that PNP Ibaan be furnished with copies of renewed licenses. List of unrenewed licenses per barangay will be provided by PNP Ibaan to the Punong Barangays so that the latter can help in the information dissemination.

There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

I certify as to the correctness of the foregoing minutes.


MLGOO/ MPOC Head Secretariat

Attested  by:


Municipal Mayor/MPOC Chairman


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