Ibaan Muziklaban III: Battle Of The Bands 2014 (Mechanics)

Based on our experience from the past two years, we have included stiffer restrictions on our mechanics. Please be guided.


ibaan-muziklaban-battleoftheband2014 (1)


  1. The Battle Of The Band is open to all amateur bands. Amateur bands refer to any band who has not signed any contract with any music label before or during the contest proper. The bands with previous or expired contract with a music label are no longer considered amateurs. They remain in the category of “professional band”. Thus, they are barred or prohibited from joining the contest.
  2. Any band member of the participating bands who has been part or member of another band with existing or expired contract with any music label shall not be allowed to participate. In case the latter joined a participating band in the performance during the contest proper, the participating band shall be automatically disqualified irrevocably even if they have already performed.
  3. Bands performing in bars and restaurants are allowed to participate, granted that they have followed the requirements stated in numbers 1 and 2 above.
  4. Bands who have won 1st Place in the previous Ibaan Muziklaban (2012 and 2013) are no longer allowed to join the contest. But any member of them may join another participating band. However, it will only be limited to one (1) member only. If he has formed another band, they may be allowed to participate to the contest. Granting they follow the rules stated at number 1 and 2.
  5. Bands from other city/municipality are allowed to participate.
  6. Official band members will be up to 8 members only.
  7. There is no restriction as to genre of music to be performed.
  8. Using ore-recorded music of any kind is strictly prohibited. Such may result to the band’s immediate disqualification even if they have performed already.
  9. Damages on the sound system’s equipment during performance shall be shouldered by the band.
  10. The band will perform one () music for warm up and one (1) for contest proper as contest piece.
  11. The top 3 bands with highest rate as determined by the panel of judges shall be declared winners –First Place, Second Place, and Third Place respectively.
  12. The Battle Of The Band will strictly start at 7:00pm, December 30, 2014, at Medrano Plaza.
  13. Non-appearance of the band during their turn of performance shall be immediately and automatically disqualified.
  14. Band members performing under the influence of liquors shall result to the band’s immediate disqualification even if they have already performed.
  15. The Organizing Committee shall not be held liable against any injuries sustained by the band members during their performance due to their recklessness, arrogance, and misbehavior. However , the Municipality’s Health Office personnel will be there during the contest to attend to any band members who have sustained injuries.
  17. All bands can play any genre of songs.

Submission Of Entries

  1. The deadline for submission of entries will be on until 4:00pm on December 23, 2014.
  2. The participating bands shall be required to send one (1) photo of all official band members through Ibaan Municipal’s official Facebook account (through PM or Personal Message) “Iba Ang Ibaan”. The following information shall also be included: full name and instrument of the band members, city/municipality, contact number, and name of the band.
  3. Any band members who are not in the submitted photo shall not be allowed to participate in the band’s performance.
  4. Any entries sent/submitted after/beyond the deadline shall not be entertained.

Confirmation Of Participation

  1. The participating bands that have sent their photo and information through “Iba Ang Ibaan” Facebook account will have to confirm their participation by filling up an “Entry Form”.
  2. The Entry Form will be available at the canopy in front of the Municipal Hall where a member of the organizing committee will set up a table on December 30, 2014.
  3. The filling of Entry Form shall only be until 5:00pm, December 30, 2014.
  4. Upon filling of Entry Form, the bands will draw their lot to determine the sequence of performance during the contest proper. Failure to do so would mean disqualification from the contest even if they have sent photo/information through “Ibaan Ang Ibaan” Facebook account.
  5. The filling of Entry Form shall be done personally by any of the band members or any of their official representatives.
  6. Telephone/mobile phone/Facebook reservation of lot shall not be entertained, even if they have sent/submitted their entry/photo/band information.


  1. The purpose of requiring the participating bands to send their group’s photo and information is to allow other bands and other interested parties enough time and opportunity to file protest against any band that violates any of the contest’s mechanics, particularly those perceived to be “professional”.
  2. The submitted band’s photo and information shall be posted at “Iba Ang Ibaan” Facebook account and at the electronic bulletin board at the front of Ibaan Municipal Hall.
  3. Any protest or objection on another band’s participation will be sent also at “Iba Ang Ibaan” Facebook account (PM or Personal Message). Any proof of the band’s violation of the contest’s mechanics, particularly the perceived “professional” band shall also be included.
  4. The name of the objecting parties shall be held confidential. However, the objection/protest shall be communicated to the band that is the subject of the objection/protest by the Organizing Committee. This is to allow the latter to defend/explain/clear their band of any allegations against them. The Organizing Committee shall then decide whether or not to allow the band to participate. The protesting party and the complained bands shall be immediately informed of the Organizing Committee’s decision until 5:00pm, December 30, 2014.
  5. Any protest/complaint against any band during and after the contest proper shall not be entertained.

Contest Proper Performance

  1. The official participating bands will perform two (2) songs: one (1) for warm up/instrument tuning/vocalization which will not be judged or will not form part of the judging, and; one (1) song as official contest piece which will be the subject of judging.
  2. The warm up song will have a maximum duration of two (2) minutes. The contest piece/official song will have a maximum duration of five (5) minutes. Three (3) minutes are allotted for stage preparation. Thus, each participating band has a total of ten (10) minutes to be on stage.
  3. The 10-minute stage performance limitation shall be strictly observed. If they exceed beyond 10 minutes, all sounds will be turned off without hesitation. A 10% deduction will also be charged against the total percentage given by the panel of judges.
  4. Instrument exhibition by band members is allowed as long as they are within the 10-minute stage limitation.
  5. The Panel Of Judges shall choose five bands for the first round. Top 3 bands will be declared winners on the second round.

Criteria For Judging

The participating bands shall be judged as follows:

Musicality                               50%

Voice Quality                          30%

Stage Presence                      10%

Audience Impact                     10%


The prizes will be as follows:

First Place                               P15,000.00

Second Place                           P10,000.00

Third Place                              P5,000.00

Consolation Prize                    P1,000.00 (two non-winning band from the first round)


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