Ibaan Reps Attend SPMS And Handholding Seminar

ibaan reps attend spms and handholding seminar
(From left) Maricel, Mary Jean, Dir. Poblador, Lilian, Vanessa and Djhoana.

Having considered human resources as the most important factors in every organization, both private and public, it is important that their welfare is being considered in multi-facet aspects of the latter in order to obtain satisfactory performance from them, for the benefit of the organization itself and its clientele. It is at this tenet that Ibaan municipal government sent representatives to take part in “Strategic Performance Management System and Human Resource Planning Handholding Activity” in Tagaytay City, August 1 – 3.

Organized by Batangas Council of Human Resource Management Practitioners (B CHRMP), primarily consisting of Human Resource Officers of different municipalities in the province, the seminar/activity “is a mandatory undertaking as provided under MC #6, series of 2012 since it focused on the new Strategic Performance Management System that will be adopted by the entire bureaucracy and the crafting of Human Resource Plan” (as stated in the letter of invitation).

It was also made possible through Dir. Lydia A. Castillo (Director, CSC-RO4) and Dir. Maria Theresa R. Poblador (Director II, Civil Service Commission Field Office – Batangas). Dir. Poblador took over the seminar as the lead lecturer.

Participants from Ibaan municipality were Mary Jean J. Arellano (HRMO II), Vanessa G. Nicolas (Licensing Officer), Djhoana Marie A. Agravante (HRM Assistant), Maricel G. Guerra (Budget Officer I), and Lilian Ramos (Data Controller/MPDC).

Going through workshop for presentation at the end of the day.
Going through workshop for presentation at the end of the day.

Although there already exists a “Performance Evaluation System” currently being used by local governments as provided by Civil Service Commission, the seminar introduced a more strategic approach in managing human resource performance. Ultimately, it laid down concrete means and methods in aligning individual and departmental performance with the municipality’s mission and vision since the latter serves as every organization’s guide and state their reasons for existence and objectives it wish to achieve.

Human resource management’s functions cut across every department. Aside from routine clerical works, HR serves also as the bridge that link individual and departmental performance by formulating measures that will allow them to establish their own objectives upon which the level of the performance will be based, as directed towards the achievement of the municipality’s mission and vision.

Dinner after a long a exhausting day.
Dinner after a long and exhausting day.

For these reasons, for easy facilitation of discussion, the attending participants were required to bring with them their municipality’s important documents such as Annual Investment Plan, Medium-Term Development Plan, Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA), Organizational Profile, Organizational Profile, and PMS-OPES Reference Table. All of which were used in the discussion of the seminar’s topic including:

(First Day)

  1. Legal Bases and Basic Tenet of the Policy
  2. Civil Service Commission Vision and Strategic Objectives
  3. Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS)
  • Scope and coverage
  • Objectives
  • Minimum requirements (elements, key players, four stages of PMS cycle
  • Rating period
  • Rating scale
  • calendar

(Second Day)

  1. Legal Bases
  2. New Trends in HR Management
  3. HR Planning Framework
  4. HR Planning Process
  5. Installing The HR Plan

(Third Day)

  1. SPMS and HR Implementation Roadmap and Milestone

At the end of each day session, the participating groups were made to present the result of their workshop with others for critiquing, validation and improvement.

Back to working table.
Back to working table.

Returning from the seminar, Ibaan representatives led by HR Officer Mary Jane Arellano are now up to the challenge of establishing Human Resource Plan and Municipal Employees Handbook (stating terms of employment and HR policies). Although it’s one Herculian task, the team, with close collaboration with all of municipal hall departments, will stick their heads to it until it is accomplished.

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