Personality Development For Effective Public Service

personality development seminar of ibaan municipal employees 2
The beautiful Personality Development speaker Ms. Phoebe Dian Cometa Dimaano from Batangas State University.

In an effort to further provide pleasant yet professional public service to the community, the local government of Ibaan had its employees attend a “Personality Development Seminar” conducted by the attended by MSWD Office, July 31.

Since public office employees are in constant interaction with their clients and due to voluminous workloads, being at one’s best is sometimes at miss. Such often results to frustration on the part of the public client being not satisfied with the kind and level of service they received from the former. Much more with what they perceive to be of an unpleasant public servant.

And such was what being targeted by the seminar.

Employees who attended the seminar were reminded that the totality of one’s personality is connected with the level of service they render to the public. Although everyone has a long lasting idea about it, the speakers made it a point everyone should still be reminded.

personality development seminar of ibaan municipal employees 3
Ibaan municipal employees listening intently with the speakers.

In the said seminar, four areas of personality development -values, character, presentation and interfacing, but focus and emphasis were given on presentation and interfacing.

In presentation, proper personal grooming was put in place. In the said topic, simple but powerful tips in “packaging” one’s self were provided. According to the speakers, even the way an employee fix his/her hair or the color of the makeup that a female employee uses can make an impact to a client. Although things may appear to be routinary in nature for others, it still pays to know the proper way to do things.

personality development seminar of ibaan municipal employees 1
Mayor Danny Toreja with personality development seminar speakers and facilitators from Batangas State University.

On the other hand, one may already look gorgeous or pretty already. However, if one does not know how to communicate with the client, personality remains a failure. Communication, of course, plays a vital role in public service. And as a public servant, one must know how to “speak” the language of the client, or that the public servant should be the one to adjust to client’s level of communication. That, as reiterated by the speakers, is the interfacing part of personality development.

With the said seminar, Mayor Danny Toreja, together with Vice Mayor Sixto Yabyabin, is hopeful that every client who comes in and out of the municipal hall for different purposes will have a smile on their faces for every transaction they make with its offices. Both of them agree that a smiling client is a satisfied client.

More photos.


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