Ibaan Dental/Medical Mission: A Success Despite Heavy Rain

Dental and Medical Mission In Ibaan
Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto (top) welcoming the people on the dental and medical mission that her team has brought to Ibaan as part of her HEARTS Program. In the photo were also Ibaan Mayor Danny Toreja and Vice Mayor Sixto Yabyabin.

Despite erratic weather conditions brought about by monsoon rain, the Dental and Medical Mission held at Recto Gym still received warm reception from beneficiaries from different barangays in the Municipality of Ibaan, August 6.

Initiated by the Municipality of Ibaan and heavily supported by the Provincial Government, volunteer doctors, dentists and other medical practitioners flocked their way to Ibaan as they were invited by Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto. Ibaan health workers, workers and volunteers also provided their assistance.

The event also coincided with Ibaan Vice-Mayor Sixto Yabyabin’s birthday. Having worked directly and closely with the Rectos for a long time, he said the medical and dental mission is also his “birthday gift” not only to himself but also to the people of Ibaan.

For Mayor Danny Toreja’s part, he said the community’s health and welfare is actually one of his administration’s priority. And that he and Vice Mayor Yabyabin will remain thankful to those who never get tired of helping their fellow Ibaenos.

Vice Gov. Mark Leviste also graced the event, together with 4th District Board Members Mabelle Virtucio and Caloy Bolilia. Other Ibaan elected officials were also present.

Volunteer doctors, dentists and medical practitioners were as follow:

Dental and Medical Mission In Ibaan
The activity also coincided with Vice Mayor Yabyabin’s birthday (top left). Dra. Pat Toreja, Mayor Danny’s wife (top right), also volunteered her services to the people which she always do everytime the same activity is being done in Ibaan.

From Provincial Health Office (PHO)
Zelen C. Macavawe
Rante I. Pulido
Minerva T. Pelagio
Rosalinda Ozaeta
Mercedita Salud
Maria Grace Alvarez
Ariel C. Hernandez Jr
Alona S. Caiga
Artemio Palma Jr
Maria Josefa Ilagan
Maria M. Cantos
William Macatangay
Jhanice O. Cantos
Bella S. Amul
Iris G. Mendez
Rustica M. Espiritu
Angelica Pitigue
Perla P. Tan
Digna Ilartre

Gina D. Castillo
Ma.l. Patulot
Lisa Arenas
Florina B. Balmes
Christian Dela Cruz
Rico Miral
Allan De Castro
Aida Madlangbayan
Lilibeth T. Deleon
Dionito G. Beltan
Ernesto Bayani
Jerome Petalino
Jonathan Toledo
Ariel T. Hernandez
Herminigilda Tipa
Dionisio Burog
Artemio Palma
Erurico Librea
Alona S. Caiga
Josephine Ilagan
Romulo Cruzat
Randy Rufino Luneta
Ariel Iturralde
Myrna C. Perez
Ma.Cecil Puno
Filipina Jusayan
Maria Liza Alcantara
Grace Alvarez
Ma. M. Cantos

Bolonia C. Macaraig
Ana Liza R. Abrenica
Minerva T. Pelagio
Vivian B. Hernandez
Daisy Dalisay
Maxima Myreen Valenzuela
Rosanna Macaraig
Noel Perez
Gil Burog

Pharmacy Team
Luzviminda Bautro
Viola Cleotilde Arevalo
Maria Lourdes Soriano
Arlene Brucal

Mercedita Salud
Josephine Gutierrez
Rosalie A. Masangkay
Divina Gracia Landicho
Jocelyn De Castro
Ma. Caridad Pasno
Elvira Japlit
Ambrociuo Beashere
Danilo Dimaunahan

Their presence was able to attend and serve number of beneficiaries from different barangays.

Poblacio – 31
Bago – 37
Balanga – 41
Bungahan – 53
Calamias- 33
Catandala – 2
Coliat – 59
Dayapan – 23
Lapulapu – 8
Lucsuhin – 20
Mabalor – 5
Malainin – 12
Matala – 41
Munting Tubig- 11
Palindan – 62
Pangao – 24
Panghayaan- 7
Quilo- 12
Sabang – 38
Salaban – 32
San Agustin – 26
Sandalan – 23
Sto. Nino – 61
Talaibon – 42
Tulay – 59
Others – 40

More photos.


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