Ibaan Barangay Tanod and Katarungang Pambarangay Undergoes Training

To arm Ibaan’s barangay officials, particularly the barangay tanod and members of katarungang pambarangay, with working knowledge on their functions, duties and responsibilities, and methods in performing the latter, a seminar was held last May 8 at Lipa City Hall Auditorium.

The seminar featured the proper process of making arrests as provided by the law directed on Barangay Tanod. It is meant to ensure that no human rights are violated whenever they are faced with a situation which calls for their functions to be performed. In most cases, the Barangay Tanod are bound to make “warrantless arrest”. In the said seminar, they were given appropriate legal information on how they can perform such.

Members of the Katarungang Pambarangay were also given pointers on the legal procedures in handling complaints by their constituents. As per RA 7160 or Local Government Code of the Philippines, the before any complaint can be lodge at the local police station, any disputes will have to be heard and resolved in the Office of the Katarungang Pambarangay. In case no agreement were reached by the disputing parties, KB will have to issue certificate indicating that they have done their part to settle the dispute but to no avail. This also serves as a means in allowing the parties to formally file their complains at the concerned authority or with the local police.

The seminar was sponsored by Batangas Province 4th District Board Member Wheng S. Africa in cooperation with Ibaan Association of Barangay Chairmen and Municipal Interior and Local Government. Present were Mayor Danny Toreja, Vice Mayor Sixto Yabyabin and Ms. Lorna Sila (Ibaan-DILG).

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