Ibaan Municipal Cooperative Development Council Conducts Meeting

Ibaan Municipal Cooperative Development Council, chaired by Mayor Danny Toreja, conducted its0 first meeting for the year at MSWO, April 24. The meeting centered on how accredited and operating cooperatives in Ibaan can avail financial grants and assistance from different national government agencies. The meeting was attended by representative from Department Labor and Employment who discussed the requirements needed by their agency in order to grant such. Mr. Jess Briones, a college professor at University of Batangas who specializes in preparing project proposal, which is primary requirement in applying for any financial grants and assistance, was also asked to provide and overview in preparing a project proposal. He also proposed that a 3-day seminar/workshop in writing project proposal be conducted this month. Eleven representatives from Ibaan cooperatives agreed on attending the workshop. It is scheduled on third week of May 2012.

Mayor Danny Toreja, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of having working knowledge in preparing/writing a project proposal. According to him, it will be easier for cooperatives to request for financial grants from any agencies since member/s of the cooperative knows how already. He also promised to identify more private and public agencies that has the same program in assisting cooperatives financially.

A representative from Provincial Cooperative Development Office also came and discussed how their office can further help the cooperatives in the same area.

More photos.

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