The Doctors Are In: Ibaan Medical Missions

In span of two months, we’ve witnessed medical and dental doctors storming Ibaan to provide medical assistance to Ibaenos for free, benefiting those who hardly can afford to avail the services of doctors for personal medications.

Last May, as part of summer traditions, doctors from University of Tomas headed by Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity and from Lipa City District Hospital brought Batang Ibaan a step closer to manhood through “Free Circumcision” held at Municipal Health Office.

All in all, there were 525 Batang Ibaan had themselves circumcised hassle free. All of them were also given free antibiotics and other medicines needed for them to recover from wounds they sustained.

Based on the number, more than P1.5M were spent on the said activity. However, the said amount was actually given to beneficiaries.  A circumcision with a private doctor would cost an average of P1,500.00 already. Plus antibiotics and other medicines, each beneficiary have saved around P2,000.00. It can’t be denied this has brought smile not only to parents but to kids as well who has finally come closer to manhood.

Dr. Nestor Bagsit, a resident of Brgy. Palindan, is to be given credit for bringing the UST Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity doctors. They include Dr. Jeffrey Chua, Dr. Kris Icyn B. Nunez, Dr. Richard R. Sarmiento, Dr. Robern Isiah A. Cruzado, Dr. Miguel Pocholo Luis R. Siatan, Dr. Armine Lee D. Supnet, Dr. Kevin T. Porciuncula, Dr. Matt Jason J. Navarro, Dr. Enoch Mariano C. Cruz, and Dr. Russel W. Young.

Dra. Patricia Toreja, Mayor Danny Toreja’s wife, and Dr. Noel Toreja, the youngest brother of the Mayor, also provided their services.

Middle of June, another medical mission was conducted at MHO. This time, it coincided with the celebration of World Kidney Month. And again, doctors made their way to Ibaan. Kidney treatment practitioners and specialists from University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) extended their expertise in the said area to Ibaenos.

Compared to other medical missions where doctors immediately go through checkup and treatment of patients, an orientation/seminar on how one can take care of their kidney, avoid kidney problems and proper medication when suffering from kidney illness is first conducted with participating patients. The patients were also allowed to ask questions in an open forum.

Mayor Toreja, in his speech after the seminar, thanked the doctor-lecturer and asked the latter of the possibility of conducting another seminar in the same field in the future. According to him, the seminar benefited even those without any kidney problems since they’ve gained knowledge on how they can keep their kidney in good working condition.

“Kidney problems are not always that easy to detect. There are signs that we take for granted believing it’s just a natural body reaction. Unknowingly, our kidney has gone worst until it’s too late for us to realize. I myself learned a lot on this seminar. Thus, there is a need for more seminars on this issue. And I’m sure our doctors here are more than willing to grant our request”, says Mayor Toreja.

Almost 200 patients were given attention by the participating doctors (names of the participating doctors will be provided once we get the information).

June 26. The Municipality of Ibaan hasn’t gotten enough of providing social services to Ibaenos. A bigger dental and medical mission was again held to close the month of June. And this time, almost a thousand Ibaenos benefited with pockets full of free medicines both for babies, young and adults.

In cooperation with the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. Madam Milagros  T. Ong-How, Executive Vice President of Golden Harvester and AETC Medical Dispensary of Fernando Airbase, Lipa City, doctors crowded Fr. Guido Gym (Saint James Academy) to give hope among Ibaenos in dire need of dental and medical attentions.

But what’s so special about this is that, majority of true-blooded Ibaan doctors went out of their comfort zone and participated in the said event. A round of applause and appreciation are due to be given to them. They include Dra. Agnes Chua, Dra. Aurelia Miral, Dra.Felicitacion Samson, Dra. Fritzie Tenorio, Dra. Grace Guerra, Dra. Lily Austria, Dra. Marilou Banawa, Dra. Rowena Quitaua, Dra. Aida Madlangbayan, Dr. Sonny Claveria, Dr. Alberto Ambida, Dr. Bobby Austria, Dr. Rico Librea, Dr. Dennis Tenorio, Dr. Dioscorro Angelia, Dr. Nesty Bagsit, Dr. Orly Quitaua, Dr. Rogelio Panganiban, Dr. Romeo C. Bicol, Dr. Wilson Chua, and Dr. Mario Madlangbayan (other participating doctors names’ will be added later).

A day before the dental/medical mission, the municipality sent out its van to spread the word of the event. Expectedly, more than a thousand from different walks of life flocked the event at Guido. While other Ibaenos  attended the Sunday mass, others didn’t let the opportunity pass to be attended by a doctor. Some brought their babies, pregnant women came to be assessed of their prenatal condition, while most waited their turns to be checked up with various illness.

Truck loads of medicine boxes were delivered. The medicines were brought along by participating doctors. Some private personality who are friends of both Mayor Toreja and his wife Dra. Pat Toreja also sent/donated medicines for everyone’s consumption.

The full force of Municipal Health Office and Barangay Health Workers also extended their helping hand to assist the patients. They made an initial assessment of the patients, like basic checking of blood pressure, before referring them to participating doctors.


Everyone stayed the whole day not forsaking the patients. Likewise, Mayor Toreja remained at the gym refusing to take a seat just to entertain the participating doctors and to give assistance to Ibaenos. He was there until the last doctor has left the said medical mission. Vice Mayor Sixto Yabyabin also kept himself busy in assisting the patients and in providing anything that is needed to make things work for everyone.

Some SB members also came to the event. However, they went home ahead of time before the end of the activity. Also, some dropped by at the later part of the day.

For medical treatment, 620 were given attention. Four hundred twenty (420) on the other hand availed of the services of dentists. All patients also went home with their hands full of medicines. With this, more than a million peso worth of medicines and professional services were given away to Ibaenos.

A private dentist’s services costs around P300 at the least cost. While consulting fee may run from P500.00 to P1,000.00 already. If one will sum them up, it may amount to more than a million peso.

The tandem of Mayor Toreja and wife Dra. Pat Toreja has been instrumental to these medical missions. Dra. Pat, being in the field of medicine, has made it easier for Ibaenos to avail these tremendous services. Thus, it’s high time that they, together with the municipality of Ibaan, be recognized for their relentless efforts to be in the service of Ibaenos.


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